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On August 27, 2010 The Mitchell Group Inc. (TMG) entered into a contractual agreement with USAID/ Liberia (Contract Number: 669-C-10-00-00181-00) to provide comprehensive monitoring and evaluation support services to the Mission, serving Teams, their Implementing Partn- ers (IPs), and the Gover-nment of Liberia (GoL).

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overview   WHAT WE DO

The Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation Program (L-MEP) provides comprehensive monitoring and evaluation support services to the USAID/Liberia Mission, serving its sector teams, its Implementing Partners (IPs), and the Government of Liberia (GOL). 

Its overall objective is to assist USAID/Liberia develop a comprehensive M&E and performance measurement system that document the Mission’s performance in achieving its development objectives and intermediate results, in compliance with the ADS and other Agency guidance on performance management. L-MEP complements but does not replace IP reporting and performance management responsibilities.
L-MEP works in five activities components, including:

  • Performance Monitoring and Results Reporting
  • Performance Management Plan Development and Update
  • Field Monitoring
  • Capacity Building
  • Evaluation Assistance
  • Building Partnership with Local Entity

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management (KM) is a critical component of L-MEP.  The project assists the USAID Mission with an Information Technology (IT) platform that combines the Performance Indicator Database System with a Geographic Information System (GIS) that is web-based.  We work with two U.S.-based sub-contractors, Hennice, Inc. and Stone Environmental, Inc. in the design, maintenance and upgrading of these systems.  L-MEP Knowledge Management Specialist, Dr. Michael Richards, coordinates these actions, as well as the packaging of information to meet USAID/Liberia’s monitoring and reporting needs.
Knowledge Management (KM) functions as the unifying matrix for a program as large and complex as L-MEP.  Because there are so many specialty units within the program—both thematic and technological—the KM element ensures that vigorous and continuing communication occur across the operational areas of the M&E sectors and the MIS and GIS activities.

Six months after launching USAID’s Liberia Monitoring & Evaluation Program (L-MEP), the first ever USAID M & E capacity support program has become a household name at the Mission, among USAID implementing partners, and other related local implementing partners and some Government of Liberia Ministries and agencies. Read more...

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